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    When the anti-smuggling team captain turned to leave the field, Li Yixin immediately rolled up the covered paper with his right hand and handed it to Mu Qingwan, then pulled Mu Qingwan a little closer, and put his mouth on it. Mo Thanh Uyen, leaned into his ear and whispered: "Comrade Mo Thanh Loan, I'm sorry just now, I was a bit sudden, you take the paper to the kitchen and stuff it into the stove, light a fire and boil." water to make tea. There are often emergencies when working underground. We You should always stay calm, don't panic, you see your palms sweating. In addition, after that Japanese woman comes in, you must be closer to me so that she retreats despite the difficulties. I highly doubt her. It was a female spy that the Japanese wanted to put next to me."

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