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    One-third of the fuel is used to go to the battlefield, one-third of the fuel is used to return, one-third of the fuel is used for air combat, which means that under ideal conditions, the combat radius can only go one-third. First, a fighter plane that can fly 1,000 km on a full fuel tank has a combat radius of just over 300 km. Yan'an is 1,200 km from Ulaanbaatar. These planes fly here to spread leaflets. Isn't their flight range more than 3,000 km! ?

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    Guarding this bridgehead position is the 2nd Infantry Brigade of the 10th Infantry Brigade, with more than 800 troops, who have built a large number of fortified fortifications on the riverbank. However, these river crossing devices no longer exist. The current weather is unusually cold. The Yellow River is in the dry season and many places are frozen, the thickness of the ice layer is generally more than half a meter. Others say trucks can drive through. According to the normal rhythm, these machine gun fortresses were enough for the corpses of the 8th Army to rush through the ice and lie on their pillows, blood dyed the Yellow River red. The Second Battalion had complete confidence in this. But reality dealt them a heavy blow. The 8th Army used dozens of heavy artillery to bombard this small bridgehead position, and a large number of Li-2 armed transport planes carrying incendiary bombs flew. overhead and bombarded indiscriminately. The trenches became fire pits... The 2nd Infantry Battalion, still stationed there, was crushed by sticks and sticks. When the trembling Japanese soldiers huddled in the fortifications saw the tanks in twos and threes running across the Yellow River like motorboats, climbing up the river and rushing towards them, their eyes they opened as wide as pig urine balloons!

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    Reality has also proven their speculation to be completely correct. When the two fleets completely lost contact, more than a dozen base seven fighters approached, lined up and rushed straight into the already battered Japanese fleet. This formation makes many old Japanese pilots shake their heads and laugh coldly. A flat push line looks magnificent, but in reality the effect is very poor, once attacked directly by the opponent. , the entire fleet will become extremely clumsy, and there is very limited room to dodge left and right, making it very easy to be shot by opponents in line. The Chinese Air Force pilots actually formed this formation, other than seeking death, the Japanese pilots could not find any other word to describe them. There's nothing left to say, just being pinned down and beaten to a pulp, everyone was filled with anger, now how can such a group of new recruits encounter each other, how can they be polite? superiority! Damn them!

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    Countless questions swirled in his head into a mess, he couldn't figure it out, he could only wait for Beria to have the ability to bring him enough information to solve the mystery in his heart.

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    It was already dark, the searchlights were turned on, everywhere were pale lights, the patrol team led military dogs back to patrol, three steps at a watch, five steps at a checkpoint, security was extremely strict. In the past, Mitsui Youyuan would definitely praise the airport's tight security, but now, he just looked coldly, feeling bored. This seemingly strict defense could stop the Eighth Army's night attack, but it could not stop the bombardment of white light-emitting fighters, the attack would only come from sky. He stared blankly at his Type Zero warrior, pursed his lips and said nothing.

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    Xue Jianqiang smiled faintly: "She's very happy over there, you don't need to worry about her."

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    186 smiled awkwardly: "Ha ha...the other day you led a group of brats and gathered six or seven hundred troops, fiercely fighting the Japanese in Binh Lac, completely destroying the 7th Infantry Regiment of the 9th Army Division. Japanese team, heavy damage to the Songtian Regiment of the 4th Cavalry Brigade, Yu Rong felt that she was very talented, so she came up with the idea of teaching apprentices, and now she He's been watching Yu Rong, learning how to march and deploy his troops."

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    The Eighth Army had no intention of letting them go like this, and the attack became more and more fierce and fierce. Bombs in the air roared above the heads of the Japanese troops, heavy artillery on the ground simultaneously opened fire, hundreds of tanks rolled around on the yellow sand all over the sky... Under such fierce firepower, the Japanese army completely lost their will. fight. fought, and only one person escaped. Although the Japanese army is always famous for its ferocity, it still has the opportunity to score points. Ordos is a ghostly place, there is no place to hide, even water is difficult to find, even if they risk their lives to defend, cannot be defended. Small units surrendered more and more frequently; on the third day after the Qinzhidao disaster, the 3rd Armored Brigade, charging ahead, accepted the surrender of more than 400 Japanese soldiers—you know, in seven Last year, the number of Japanese soldiers captured and surrendered by the Eighth Army was at any rate only eight or nine hundred.

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    While speaking, there was a heavy roar in the distance. The company commander jumped out of the trench, looked around with binoculars, saw snow flying in the distance, as if there was a storm, the rumbling became louder and louder. closer. The expressions on the faces of all officers and soldiers in the company changed. They were all too familiar with this sound, which was the "background music" when the tank column marched! Looking at the movement, there are at least thirty or forty tanks coming here!

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    The secretary's tone was quite polite, but Ma Hongkui's complexion still became extremely ugly. He said loudly: "No, I want to see the commissioner, I want to see now!"

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    The Air Force representative pouted: "Sold, of course sold! Is the restaurant business still afraid of having a big belly?" The old ammunition depot has been cleaned out. That's very wonderful!

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    In the end, Xue Jianqiang still did not get the opportunity to go to the battlefield. In the eyes of these founding generals, he was the only mage in the red camp who understood healing skills, and the Eighth Route Army relied on him to increase health and restore mana, if he was allowed on the battlefield, Who will take care of the logistics for this million-man army? No, absolutely not! They also assigned Xue Jianqiang a very important task:

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    He went straight to Mr. Wang, straight to the point: "Where is my sister? Where is that dead girl now?"

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    Boss Peng was a little strange: "Ningci, Gangcun?"

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    They all knew that the enemy's main force had not yet moved, and that the real decisive battle would only begin after the casualties of the Manchukuo Third Puppet Army had been exhausted.

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    203mm caliber grenade bullet is priced at 12,000 dong, 30,000 rounds are worth 360 million, this is just a test order, if the customer is satisfied, there will be a larger order! The factory director almost didn't let the big piece of cake fall from the sky, chased away the weapons purchasing representative, immediately summoned all factory workers, and organized a meeting to encourage production. At the meeting, he boldly said: "Comrades, over the past few years orders have gradually decreased, bullet casings are left unsold, the factory's operating conditions are getting worse and worse, a lot of salary debt is making everyone miserable. . !But now we have Back, a customer ordered 30,000 rounds of our 203mm howitzer shells in one go. The total value of this order is nearly 400 million. With this money, our life will be much easier! In addition, next time everyone will work two shifts, overtime to keep up with the goods, and I will move to the factory myself. Even if I work hard, I still have to complete the orders on time! Not only must it be completed on time, but the quality must also be Excellent, even if it's a bad thing, falling into a hole still needs at least 50 square meters to be considered qualified! Everyone works hard, our factory depends on this store! After receiving the payment, I will be the first to compensate everyone's salaries and bonuses over the years, and take everyone to the hotel to eat and drink to celebrate!"

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    It's a pity that they didn't know that this discovery important enough to save Japan came too late and they didn't have the opportunity to enjoy China's oil.

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    Xue Jianqiang's mind immediately regained balance... He was sad when the US military relaxed the suppression of the Japanese army, but he was secretly happy when the Soviet Union was forced to transfer more than ten division from the Far East to the Western Front. Doing business with Germany was initially intended to cause trouble for the US and UK, forcing the Soviet Union to withdraw its troops from the Far East, but now this goal has been achieved. When the massive stream of Soviet armor arrived in Berlin, the Eighth Army's Type 80 self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery should also rush into Ulan Bator, right? I want to see how the Soviet Union plays tricks on me!