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    From Vuong Han's mouth, she knew that this spaceship was not very intuitive. If she had the chance, she would still want to see directly what this spaceship looked like, at least after seeing what this spaceship looked like. If so, then she can use her own eyes to understand what the blood clan is like. After all, she now has no way to be like Vuong Han, who has gone through all the parts of building this spaceship. , even has flying experience.

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    It is impossible to point out the first-class country that directly went to the front line, otherwise they would have to work so hard to get the medal directly, anyway they would be forced to go to the front line.

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    Passing by another stone statue that was still considered complete, Vuong Han somehow felt a bit familiar.

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    Because the Void Beast is damaged, it needs to return to the repair point of the human country. This repair point of the human country is originally at the outermost, but with the front-line developed cities, Each layer of honeycomb spreads out. , and gradually they moved backwards. And because there are a lot of complex machines in human states and districts, it is difficult to move this kind of city forward immediately, so this tragedy happened Hub said sincerely, "This is a fact that has happened, but it is also something that is difficult to change. With the development of many states and counties being hindered, the development of states and counties is very bad. Many of them have plugged Rooted at the front line, relying on the subsidized life at the front line, many people come here one after another every day. Recently, because of general maintenance of the beehive, the large-scale movement was temporarily stopped. At least 100,000 people will come here. frontline every day A standard A city with a 30 km circle can accommodate 100,000 people, so a new city needs to be built every day, and various supporting urban facilities need to be built, which is very busy, so even if the people of the People's Republic of China want to move to the front, they don't have time to move. After moving, they will soon be left behind."

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    There aren't many emotional elements in it, but because Wang Han remembers that when Dai'er first came to this world, she felt very unsafe when she saw Tu Hai, then she went directly went straight to Tu Hai and threw some Pure skills into the sea. Under normal circumstances, this news was easy to ignore, but now after being educated by Pure Gold, he still took it in. in the mind of these more important things, so to some extent it is possible. From above, it can be seen that the effect of editing Vuong Han's calculation ability is still very reliable, some memories are extremely important. important can still appear at this time, can be directly used at the critical moment, this is not easy." Daier does not say these things casually. This incident must have a similar visual impact. was huge for her at that time, and I also saw this same thing in her memories a few years ago. The screen was to use the essence skills condensed in Baiwan to attack directly Xuwan. "

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    Black copper. Vuong Han nodded inwardly, "Aren't you curious? This black copper just appeared there, motionless, and will not be destroyed."

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    What Vuong Han is doing now is like building a house, but no one told him how to build a house, he can only start building a brick here and a brick there, if he's lucky. , he can reach a building 10,000 meters high into the sky. If you're unlucky, you'll find that your second brick is bent when you reach the 3,000 meter mark. Therefore, there will never be a shortage of explorers in this world. Even if it is not a problem for the alliance country to explore on its own, but if it is said that other people often make mistakes and are as stupid as old dogs, then there is no need for this. This is why Wang Han believes that the frame builder is the best in Star Field Ball in the early years, and others built on the existing frame can only be said to be frozen. This is essentially the difference between stem and leaf.

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    Nightmare stretched out his hand, speaking and gently moving, a void-like beast floated in front of her. She and Vuong Han looked at a relatively large void-like beast like this, comfortably. said: "But even if it's pure use, and they've let me down so much, after so many years, the entire A-series project has only reached a little over 1,300 iterations, and if based on on their current number of iterations, the memories I gave them last time can be directly To reach 10,000 generations, one can imagine how poor their understanding is.. . Well, but at this point, you should see the memory light ball I placed, right? Is the final Void Beast Raising Cab easy? If possible, you can also go directly arrive there."

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    Then he raised his head and looked seriously at the nightmare before him, "Are you there yet?"

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    Then that's enough. Vuong Han glanced at the time, "Time is terrible, three hundred million years have passed, many places on my wrist have begun to hurt, this is clearly much better than before, what a pity. " It's a pity that she didn't find this solution in time. Otherwise, when her memories were scattered, it wouldn't have been awkward. I can deeply understand how helpless she was when she saw her memories disappear. same suffering."

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    "Stupid dog, the main reason is that the outline itself determines our appearance, the division depends on the first part of the thinking light sphere, I directly call it the original thinking light sphere or is the core thought ball of light. When you were born, whether it was your mother or someone else passed it on to you, in a state of ignorance you already had this core thought ball of light. Then, this core thought ball of light determines your detailed appearance in the future, its original existence is only to distinguish some differences between individuals." Wang Han simply told Dai'er the results of last year's research.

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    "I'm so powerful!" Dai'er said plainly, "Your uncle Wang Han is just a rookie, so you have to trust me, his strength is not one-tenth of mine!"

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    As for her, she was still in shock for a long time and could not calm down. Vuong Han looked at the abandoned theater. Now the theater has been returned to its original quality, but inside you can still smell the burning smell. so many. foul smell, these smells are naturally the death breaths of previous failures, and Wang Han can still clearly smell the memories of those years through the stimulation of these breaths. Temporarily leaving Truong Dang here, Vuong Han then took two steps in the entire empty cave, circled around twice, carefully observed the entire empty environment, after determining that there was no problem here. Whatever the problem, he nodded with some satisfaction, “Currently, the screening of the entire Void Animal Breeding Tunnel has been stopped. It seems that the consequences of that incident have been handled well, and the center handles the That's pretty good."

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    "Hehe! Auntie Dai Nhi, I'm sorry to bother you!"

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    The specific cause is unclear, but there are two speculations. Vuong Han calmly said: "Or this nightmare can control who can see her, but this is not difficult, I can actually do it now." Except for the person I want to be seen, I just need to directly interfere with their thoughts, those without my permission under my shield will not be able to see me. To this extent, it belongs to a kind of crushing computing power. Of course, there is another situation that me and Xiaochangdeng are really different from you, or I am from Tu Hai, and Xiaochangdeng is because of some relationship, or also from Tu Hai, we can have Tu Hai's brand Hai is in our bodies, but we don't know, only people of the same race and with the same eyes can see the same, and can also understand.

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    Waste is not waste, it is something condensed from water quality. Besides economic value, what is the nature of some things? The source quality is the same as some normal water resources, except for the pollution. Can it still exist? Dai'er was just about to fiercely bite Vuong Han's neck, causing this stinking guy to bleed on the spot!